Cinch Your Graceful Sarees with These Belts 


Sarees are meant to known as the clothing of elegance as every wrap is meant to unfold the beauty of Indian culture and the pleats are meant to exhibit the sophisticated beauty that every woman holds while making one. Sarees are not just a piece of beauty but more like a storyteller of the moment, of the occasion and the version of the wearer. The grace and the beauty that a saree can hold, none of the other outfits precipitates that kind of allure in the fashion world. It has its own fashion tales to tell.  

There are several types of sarees, crafted for various occasions by fashion designers of Indian wear from all over the world. Sarees can be worn at wedding ceremonies like Haldi, Mehendi and Receptions, family and friend gatherings, formal events and festive celebrations like Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Eid, Navratri and more. Sarees are versatile pieces that can pull off any kind of draping style.  

Now that you know that sarees are tremendously a very important outfit that has its own important section in the wardrobe, today with this blog you will also learn how to elevate your saree look with these belts and in addition to this you can also know what profits you get by adding these waist belts to your saree attire. Waist belts are a must-have accessory that not only elevates your saree but also defines the waistline of the wearer. They come in various colors, shapes, sizes, styles, embellishments and artful work designs that can be selected according to an outfit. There is a need to select the kind of waist belt while pairing it with your saree. Because based on the fabric and the design of the saree these belts can be used accordingly, be it stone studded, embellished, metallic or chained. Don’t worry about which waist belt to choose with what kind of saree because this blog has got it all.  

Wanna know the tips of what belt to wear with what saree? Read Below.  

Tip 1: Choose Thin Chain Belts Only When  

  • You are wearing lightweight sarees like chiffon, georgette or net sarees.  

How To Style  

  • Drape the saree and secure it with the chain belt for a delicate or a modern look.  

Tip 2: Choose Fabric Waist Belt Only When 

  • You are opting for saree types like cotton, silk and linen ones.  

How To Style  

  • Fabric belts are versatile in nature, so you need to match the fabric color and pattern with your choice of saree to create a cohesive look. You can also tie it in a French knot or a bow for a chic touch.  

Tip 3: Choose Metallic Waist Belt Only When 

  • You are up for some traditional sarees like Kanjeevaram, kanchipuram or banarasi saree where you can elevate with gold-or silver-plated metallic waist belts.  

How To Style 

  • While choosing this metallic waist belt, slightly place it above your natural waistline to cinch your saree, adding an opulent touch to your attire.  

Tip 4: Choose Statement Waist Belt (Stone or Bead Embellished) Only When  

  • You are looking to wear plain sarees like monochrome or solid-colored sarees.  

How To Style 

  • One thing to keep in mind, keep your accessories minimal to allow the belt to shine. Allow the belt to be the focal point of your outfit.  

Tip 5: Choose Kamarbandh Only When 

  • You are the bride or if you are choosing for heavily embellished sarees.  

How To Style  

  • Wear kamarbandh slightly a little above the hips for a traditional allure and regal look. You can also put it over your pallu.  

Tip 6: Choose Leather Belts Only When  

  • You are choosing to wear a contemporary or fusion saree to add an edgy look to your saree attire.  

How To Style  

  • Choose to wear a leather belt with a contrasting color to your saree if you want to go for a bold and modern look. 

It is mandatory to choose the right waist belt to compliment your saree because it can enhance your overall look. You got to find such sarees to fit well with these waist belts as they can be easily matched with a shimmery saree or with a chiffon one. Get yours already now.