Eyelash Extension Aftercare for Skincare Lovers


For all the skincare enthusiasts out there, there’s a commonly held belief that lash extensions can prevent you from using your favorite skincare products. The good news is, that’s simply not true! In Clearwater, you can learn how to protect your beautiful extensions and still enjoy your beloved skincare routine. Here’s how:

Use Oil-Free and Water-Based Products

To maintain your lash extensions, it’s essential to choose skincare products that are oil-free and water-based. Avoid using any products that contain oil or water-based ingredients too close to your eyes and lash line. This way, you can continue using your favorite skincare products without harming your extensions.

Here are 5 Favorite Skincare Tips for Lash Extensions:

1. Skip the Oil

Oil and lash extensions don’t mix well. So, try to avoid oil-based products as much as possible during your skincare routine. Your lash line will thank you for it! Plus, using oil-free products allows your pores to breathe, which is great for your skin.

2. Gentle Cleaning is Key

When cleansing your face, especially near your eyes, be gentle. Opt for an oil-free face wash to prevent any residue that could weaken the adhesive of your lash extensions. With clean and fresh skin, your extensions will stay in place, and you’ll also prevent premature wrinkles by treating your skin gently.

3. Lash-Friendly Moisturizers

Look for oil-free products, as they’re your best friend. Keep your skin happy and your lashes looking fabulous with water-based moisturizers. Additionally, we recommend using an oil-free eye cream that’s thicker and won’t seep through the lash line. This benefits both your face and your lashes.

4. Sunscreens for Lash Lovers

It’s crucial to use sunscreen around your eyes to shield your extensions. When applying sunscreen to your face, choose a mineral sunscreen to protect both your lashes and pores.

5. Beauty Sleep Rules

A good night’s sleep is essential for healthy eyelash extensions and skin. Sleep on your back to avoid squishing your lashes and allow your skin to breathe, rather than being pressed against a pillow. To protect your lashes during deep sleep, consider using one of our contoured 3D sleep masks, especially if you tend to move around a lot while sleeping. Following these two steps will leave you with a fresh face and beautiful lashes when you wake up.

Easy Eyelash Extensions & Skincare

Maintaining a glowing skincare routine in Clearwater while protecting your extensions is easy. Just choose lash-friendly, oil-free products and adopt gentle cleaning methods. With these tips, you’ll confidently flaunt both your radiant skin and stunning lashes.


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