Things Every Woman Needs to Build a Sustainable Wardrobe


In the fast-paced world of fashion, trends come and go, but a sustainable wardrobe is timeless. Women are especially prone to overspending because of all the stores that come up with up to 24 collections a year, so for us building an eco-friendly wardrobe is a must. So, creating a closet that stands the test of time can require thoughtful prepping and investments, but it is sure to be worth it. This is why today we’ll give you a list of some essential elements that you absolutely need in order to create a sustainable and functional closet.

Classic Basics

As plain and boring as they might seem at first glance, the basics always represent the foundation of a sustainable wardrobe. These pieces need to be made of high-quality fabrics and have a classic design that won’t make them go out of trend in a short time. Apart from that, basics can also be easily worn with other garments from your collection as well as transitioned from season to season. Things like black and white t-shirts, classic jeans, knit sweaters, trench coats are all timeless essentials that form the backbone of a sustainable closet.


Denim is a must in any wardrobe, but finding a sustainable and ethically produced fabric can be quite challenging. This is why it is important to do your research and try to find the most eco-friendly brands in your area where you can shop from. Look for brands that prioritize sustainable manufacturing processes, use organic cotton, and have ethical working conditions. Additionally, shopping for denim in thrift stores can also be a great idea, as this will help you find high-quality and long-lasting clothing while also giving garments a second life.


Knit pieces such as Irish sweaters, dresses, and various accessories are all essentials in an eco-conscious collection due to how warm, versatile, and durable they are. Irish knit clothing is a customer’s favorite for many reasons, such as the classic yet sophisticated design and the resistant merino wool that most knit pieces are made of. Irish knit sweaters for women in neutral colors are a popular choice thanks to how easy it is to wear them both with casual outfits and more formal ones. On, you can find plenty of Irish clothes for women, including knit pieces made of wool of premium quality that are sure to stand the test of time and become a favorite in your closet.

Various Fabrics

Although until now we’ve only mentioned garments made of natural fabrics, it is important to have a variety of textiles in your collection, as each of them serves a different purpose. Cotton is usually the most used fabric in the process of creating sustainable clothing, and for good reason: it is perfect for the hot summer weather but also makes a great base layer during the colder months of the year. Not only that, but it also takes a maximum of five months for cotton to decompose, which makes it a great sustainable choice for your wardrobe. However, synthetic textiles should also be a part of your closet, as no cotton or denim jacket can protect you as great as a nylon windbreaker does. When shopping for such a piece, try looking for recycled fabrics to minimize your carbon footprint.